The Yoo-rrook Commission and East Timor’s experience

‘This exhibit must be a path that we follow for reflection.’
Then President Jose Ramos-Horta’s public exhortation to visit East Timor’s
Chega! exhibition and reflect on its teachings.

To prepare the way for a Treaty between Indigenous peoples and the State of Victoria, the State’s First Peoples Assembly and the Victorian Government have established a truth-telling Royal Commission to inquire into past and current systemic injustice, educate the wider community and recommend change.

Neighbouring East Timor’s CAVR truth commission had a similar mandate, including truth-telling and dealing with the traumatic consequences of violence, colonisation and denial of self-determination.

This article by me identifies similarities between the Yoo-rrook commission and East Timor’s CAVR experience and potential challenges that could arise.

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