The right to the truth

The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights convened a seminar on this topic of burning interest to victims and their relatives in Geneva 24-25 February 2011.

The UN says (a) that victims/relatives have a right to seek, receive and impart information on human rights violations they suffered (including the identity of perpetrators) and (b) that States should preserve historic memory of gross human rights violations through the conservation of archives etc in order to facilitate knowledge of such violations, assist with investigations and provide victims with access to remedies.

The issue has obvious relevance to victims in East Timor and Indonesia and the obligations of their respective Governments, both of whom are UN members and subscribers to international law. Has Indonesia, for example, preserved its prison and other records on violations during the Suharto years and will it share this with victims or their relatives?

The seminar was held to assemble practical guidelines on the role of archives in advancing the rights of victims/relatives and accountability for violations. I based my presentation on CAVR’s experience in East Timor.

Further information:
My Seminar presentation
My report on the seminar and recommendations arising

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